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Innovative, 3D scanners are used

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3D project to turnkey delivery

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References worldwide

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Product Overview



link Automated powder coating line

New advanced power & free system

Aluminium profiles

Kitchen manufacturers



link Powder coating booths

PVC Booths

Steel booth

Stainless steel (!) cyclone



link Powder coating ovens

Tunnel ovens

Any shape

Low energy



link MDF powder coating line

MDF board


Low cure

powder coating machine


link Powder coating spray guns

Manual spray guns

Box feed or hopper

Automatic guns



link Offers

Special offers of month

Standard design

Download sample offer now



link NEW! Enamel powder application

Not wet enamel

Much more efficient



link Aluminium profiles

Mostly 6 meter aluminium profiles

Any size in semi-automatic



link Renew your old spray guns

Save money and time

Do not waste powder




Newest technology

Spray guns with 9 patents

Headache free and turnkey solutions







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