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Products we sell

automated powder coating line


link Powder coating equipment
  • Spray guns     videos Videos
  • Booth
  • Oven
mdf board wood panel powder coating line


link Enamel powder coating line
  • High heat and acid resistent
  • Bake tray, construction products, household appliances (microwave ovens, dishwashers, water heaters, washing machines, etc.) and kitchen utensils.
powder coating equipment


link Aluminium profiles coating plant
  • Automatic lines, no manual coating
  • Perfect powder coverage
fiber laser cutter machine


link Fiber laser cutting machine
  • High efficient
  • Less maintenance
  • New types available 
fiber laser welding equipment


link Fiber Laser welding portable
  • Easier
  • 5x faster
  • Great for outdoor
hologram fan display


link 3D Hologram fan display
  • Digital signage
  • Mind blowing
  • For any business 
marble wall design


linkMarble HD print tile  
  • Innovation
  • Non plastic
  • Ultra light weight
natural stone


link Natural lime stone
  • Natural
  • lime
  • stone
high quality marble


link High quality marble
  • High
  • quality
  • marble

videos Videos