Powder coating booth

We have any kind of powder booth for sale

Manual booths with trolley container


In our manual cabins, the containers under the booth are already included 


Powder coating is cleaned with a sieve and can thus be reused for (imperfect) coatings.


Nano-coated filters in the best industrial quality

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Fast color change booths

Cyclone separator for recovery of up to 98% in automatic coating

multicyclone powder coating
Fast color change booths


Spray booth - Small powder coating system for laboratory

powdercoat booth
spray booth powder coating






Powder booth with 5 filters

  • Opening width x height 2.3 x 1.5 meters
  • Rail conveyor, conveniently coat large workpieces, turn...
  • Bottom has a trolley container, collects overspray for reuse
  • Manual or automatic cleaning of cartridge filters, side lighting


booth with rails

Hook-in cabins

1 - 5 filter cartridges possible

Lighting, exhaust air filter

Powder chamber

100% polyester or nano-coated filters

Pneumatic cleaning of the filters




Manual continuous flow cabins

3 - 10 filters possible

Lighting, large secondary filter unit

Powder chamber or cyclone separator

Automatic cleaning of the filter cartridges

100% polyester or nano-coated filters

manual coating plant






Powder coating booth for large workpieces            
Parking spaces

jumbo coat

Powder chamber

powder center

Circulation system Semi-automatic

semi automatic booth







Dimensions inside

Usable area in meter

Type FK                  
A WidhtB HeightC Depth                 
*incl. filters
3 SOlateralopen1,8 pass
4 SOlateralopen1,8 pass
5 Mobile2,41,41,86
3,51,670,5 pass
83,51,560,6 pass
104,5m2,1m0,8m pass


Or ask for desired size !


Sketch powder coating booth types





Some variants of powder suction walls

3 Filters

Booth 3 filters

3 Filters mobile

Mobile booth 3 filters

5 Filters mobile

Booths 5 filters

Repeatable application

powder coating booth


Automated and manual

Coating booth standard design

Chain conveyor

Hybrid booth

Aluminium profiles coating

Coating long thin profiles

Cyclone separator

Plastic booth





As a steel cabin, plastic cabin or hybrid







FAQ - Questions & answers about powder booths

Do you always have oversized workpieces, mobile.

Suitable for long, narrow workpieces.

Suitable for complicated and large workpieces. The coater has to coat the workpiece in the powder room for a longer period of time. 3 to 5 times more expensive than a powder booth.

Easier to clean when changing colors, for automatic coating.

With a filter system (filter cartridges) you coat without loss. Our powder booths have collection containers in which powder coating can be cleaned and collected through a sieve. You can reuse this powder coating for workpieces that do not require a perfect surface. The cyclone separator system, on the other hand, achieves a recovery rate of over 95% and can be safely reused; it is a closed-loop system.